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Is my transaction secure on your site?
Absolutely! We secure our site with a COMODO SSL using a 128-256 Bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure no one can get a hold of your credit card or personal information when dealing with us. Your credit card information is used for transaction processing only and is not stored on our server. There is never a chance of your information falling into the wrong hands when dealing with us.  Our website is also scanned daily by COMODO for viruses and security holes.  The security we use to protect you and your information is the best in the industry. This type of protection is quite costly but we refuse to cut corners at your expense. Shop here with confidence.

Is this the same medication I can buy from my veterinarian?
It most certainly is. This is exactly the same medications you can buy at your veterinarian's office. Just for a whole lot less money. We firmly believe that your money belongs in your wallet, not in your veterinarian's parking space in the form of a BMW.

Are these products EPA Registered and/or FDA approved?
Absolutely! We do not sell any counterfeit medications/pesticides or any product produced for sale in other countries. All our products are produced for sale in the USA and are EPA registered or FDA approved. Our products are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and authentic.

Do I need a prescription to buy your ProMeris, Frontline Plus, Advantage, or K9-Advantix Kits and Retail Boxed Products?
No way. These are all "Over the Counter" medications and purchasing from us is 100% legal. We want to make it easy for you to save money. No hoops to jump through and no prescriptions required.

Can I use K9-Advantix for dogs in a home with cats?
Yes, but extreme caution must be taken. The active ingredient Permethrin can be fatal to a cat if it is applied to or ingested by a cat. Due to their unique physiology, cats cannot metabolize permethrin. Caution must be taken to insure the cat(s) are not exposed to a dog treated with K9-Advantix. In a home where cats actively groom dogs, K9-Advantix is not recommended. Advantage is a much safer choice.

Is chewing rawhide safe?
Yes. Rawhide dog chews are fully digestible. If your dog has a gastrointestinal sensitivity you should obtain veterinarian approval first. You should also only offer your dog the proper size treat as to avoid choking or injurious swallowing.

Is the country of origin important?
Yes. There are countries that are well-known worldwide for high quality leather products which insure the hides are easily available and always in fresh condition. Argentina, where our main factory is located, is one of the top countries recognized for quality leather and beef cattle of premium quality.

Is chewing beneficial for my dog?
Absolutely. Chewing prevents plaque from depositing on his teeth and helps him maintain strong and healthier gums. Your furniture and shoes will also look newer if your puppy chews our products and leaves your belongings untouched.

Do you have any special pricing for rescues and other pet saving organizations?
Yes, we deal with many rescues across the country. We believe in the work you do and are very appreciative of it. If you run a rescue and are interested in purchasing larger quantities at one time, please contact us at FleaDoctor@NoMoreFleasPlease.com . Please provide your organization's name and your contact information. We will be in touch with you usually within 24 hours.

How long will it take to get my order?
We usually ship on the next business day after your payment is received. If you pay by echeck, your order will not be shipped until the day after the funds have cleared into our account. Since we do not charge for shipping on our medications and kits, your product will not be shipped via Fed-Ex overnight delivery. It will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail which is usually a 2 - 5 business day delivery time but it is not guaranteed. The USPS is usually pretty quick, but sometimes they do take their sweet time. 90% of our customers get their deliveries within 2 - 5 business days.

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